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In our nursery we find it very important to make conscious choices. For our customers, our company and for the future. That is why the commercial nursery has the most extensive spectrum of certificates. For example, we have no less than 3 MPS certificates.

The MPS Group is engaged worldwide in making horticultural companies more sustainable and modern. They help growers to make their business sustainable, to measure and prove this. 
This way, customers can clearly see which companies are working sustainable. MPS has developed tools and certificates for this. When a company obtains certificates, MPS regularly checks whether the company is allowed to keep these certificates. So it is not just a snapshot, but a way of working. 
More information about the MPS Group can be found on their website: https://my-mps.com/. 

Handelskwekerij Mark Verbeek currently has three MPS certificates. For example, we have the MPS-GAP, which gives uw access to trading on the international marketing. We are also in possession of the MPS-ABC. This certificate is fully aimed at raising awareness in the field of environmental impact. Finally, we are also proud owner of the MPS-SQ certificate. This beautiful addition focuses on safety and health. SQ stands for Socially Qualified and checks the company on working conditions, among other things.

We are proud of all our certificates.
Our MPS number is 801738.