Dak Mark Verbeek

Sustainability is an important item for entrepreneurs and companies in 2020. We are well aware that we have to take better care of our planet en everyone tries to contribute to this. This also applies to Handelskwekerij Mark Verbeek. In recent years, we have taken several steps to increase sustainability within the company.

Nowadays you only find recycled plastic in our company. The trays we use to place the plants are made from recycled plastic and the covers and plant pots are also made from recycled plastic. Even our wrapping film has had a different purpose before.
In consultation with the customer, we also supply plants without sleeves. Because the plants are firm enough and/or placed in trays and the cart is wrapped in wrapping film, it does not affect the quality of the plants, but it does make a big difference in the use of plastic. In this way, we contribute to reducing plastic consumption.

At Handelskwekerij Mark Verbeek, we go one step further. For example, in 2016 the roof of our greenhouse was renewed and covered with solar panels, so that we can provide ourselves with energy. In addition, we ensure that all our waste is separated and collected separately. The plastic, cardboard, green waste and residual waste from our company are separated by all employees. 
The involvement of all employees is clearly visible in this. They think in more ways about the sustainability of the company. The driveway of our greenhouse is almost always free of cars because almost all staff come by bicycle. The only motorized vehicle that enters our site is the truck that comes to collect our flowers.

We want to expand our sustainability even further in the future, but we are very satisfied with the steps that have already been taken and the certificate that we are allowed to use as a result.